Chloe Alyshea | Keep it Secret Store
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Keep it Secret Store
For women’s webshop Keep it Secret Store, I did a rebranding project. Together with a graphic designer, we created a new logo, choose new color palettes and lettertypes. I also refreshed their packaging design and made some flyers too. It’s really cool to merge offline with online, and see physic results as well. After the rebranding was completed, I took care of their creative direction and photography for the website and social channels. I also think along with their campaigns and take the creative side on me.


About the brand

Keep it Secret Store is such a great place that you secretly prefer not to share it with others, and where you will find one item after the other that you really need. Every true fashion lover is, of course, always and everywhere looking for the finest boutiques with great unique items that are not for sale everywhere, clothing that makes your heart beat faster. At Keep it Secret Store there is no end to this great feeling, because they bring the most fantastic collections of the finest brands from the Netherlands, Paris, Milan, LA, Scandinavia, Australia and the rest of the world all year round.


Branding, Photography