Chloe Alyshea | pinqponq
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After a successful collaboration with my blog, pinqponq asked me to create a full campaign for their latest Athlete’s Blend Tape Rose bags. We had to work with typical Bauhaus architecture, and also include pink in the images. For this project my boyfriend and me did the whole production by ourselves: from the concept to location scouting, styling, photography and editing. Pinq Ponq used our images for their socials channels and website.

About the brand

pinqponq is a fresh brand bringing high quality backpacks and accessories to you. Since 2014 they have offered intelligent products that combine design, function and sustainability in a unique way. pinqponq represents a new generation of lifestyle products featuring strong mixes of materials, original patterns and an unmatched attention to detail. pinqponq is for smart, fashion conscious world citizens who want to express a creative mindset and support thoughtful goods.