Chloe Alyshea | Work with me
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Chloë Alyshea

Digital Creative
Hi! I’m Chloë Alyshea and work as a freelance digital creative and content creator. As a digital creative I produce online content for brands or clients to help their online community grow, put out their names and highlight the business’ activities.

Behind the screen

Rather have me working behind the screen for your company only? Not a problem! I can secretly work behind closed doors and be your social community manager. As a social manager I take care of all your social accounts on a daily base so you don’t have to be frustrated ever again about things like ‘what shall I post today’ or ‘I need more followers, but how can I reach them?!’. You can simply focus on your brand’s business, while I implement your online marketing strategy through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and everything else that comes up.

Specialized in fashion

With a background in fashion, streetwear, photography and journalism, I’ve gained quite some essential knowledge about the fashion scene through the years. To give you some insights of my experiences: I’ve studied Journalism, completed a course in Photography at the Fotovakschool, did internships at one of the biggest online newswebsites and lifestylemagazines and, eventually runned my own online lifestyle magazine THRLD for almost three years. So if you’re looking for that person who knows what’s in today and out tomorrow, then I might be the right lady to shake hands with.

Sounds like I’m your cup of tea?

Then let’s make some real magic happen! Either I’m working in front of the screen or behind, it’s always up to you to decide.

In front of the screen

As an online influencer I can highlight your product, services or activities in a personal way through my style blog un-cluttered and my social accounts. With un-cluttered I share my personal perspective on how to embrace a minimalistic lifestyle, offering a curated balance between simple design and essential needs. But, all with that classic urban vibe to it which plays an important role in my life. This is a place where I collect my stories textually and visually to inspire like-minded individuals and creatives around the world.
If you feel like your brand/product fits this concept and my personal style aesthetics, I would be more than happy to work together. From single projects to recurrent features or long term relations, everything is open for discussion.